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      Love at first sight


i bin attending church for about 2 years now and i always had a crush on this boy ever since i bin going to church he is the only guy that i liked for so long i go to church because of him i want to see and hang out with him, we both had a crush on each other for a while but i like him for almost 2 years every young in our church was mad at me cause i had a crush on this boy, we started talking and talking and eventually we fell in love we were talking on the phone everyday for 3 hours , i would call him everyday at 6am and talk to him before he goes to work and then i would go back to bed we started dating and for the first 5 months everything was going great but one day i was really mad and he felt left out and that our relationship was going not that great, so he went to talk to one of his good friends and he kissed her. they emailed each other about it and felt really bad , and on the same day i went on his facebook email and read about it and i was really sad that e cheated on me in a way and he has no trust , he told the girl that he only felt loved and trusted when he was with her so broke up sadly and i cryed and cryed about it he tryed to get back with me but gave up in less then a week i wasnt interested in him at the time but couple weeks without him made me feel really i dont no not right i missed him i thought about him everyday of my life so i decied to give us a chance but by the time i wanted to he was already interested in another girl :( i thought that we were ment to be , we both gave up our verginitys to each other and promissed each other that we would only have sex if we really love each other and would stick with each other but that didnt happen. he was my first kiss , my first for everything i im still not over him yet but he is already in love with another girl... im still really upset what can i do to get over this guy i still have strong feelings for him but he changed and i like the old him and not what he is now i really miss the old him , church is not the same anymroe its really awkward and random i feel like i dont belong there anymore , i always see him and the girl together laughing and smiling walking together just like the old us but now... eveything is diffrenet , i guess there really love at first sight


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