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 1845 Anna was walking by the park. It was cold and chilly. The moon was full, the clouds were dark, the wind blew gracefully and the water was peaceful. She was alone again. She was in agony. Some people took a glance at her but she didn’t care. Some gentlemen were staring at her but she ignored them. She didn’t care; didn’t want to care anymore. Her heart felt so dense, so full of sorrow, so full of him. She kept on walking silently but then the wind blew surprisingly hard, making her to stop in a graceful halt and to hold on to her beautiful velvet shawl with her eyes looking away towards her left seeing nothing but deep darkness. Her beautiful dark honey brown hair was flowing gracefully on to her face but still she didn’t mind, her thoughts were still shallow and scattered. The emotions were long lost forgotten by her, she was hurt. She was lost. Suddenly when she was about to continue walking; she then stopped. Under that beautiful full moon, a meeting so unexpected, she saw him. He saw her. They saw each other. They were silent and every thing went black Then suddenly Anna, who was lying on her bed, placed her fore arm on her eyes and was silent, but no tears fell, not even one The sun hasn’t risen yet, still lazy, still unpredictable. Fresh air might do her good she thought so she got out of bed and went out. It was cold and misty outside, winter was about to end, but then again she didn’t care. She went to the river where she left her heart along with the memories of the past, the memories of the forgotten; the memories of him. She sat on a small rock, bends over and feels the water with her white pale hand, her shiny fine honey brown hair falling to her slightly pinkish cheeks and the other hand was holding on to the white shawl. She feels the waters coldness, feels its caress flowing pass her hand, and with this she remembers his touch. She remembers him. She remembers every thing. Then she heard foot steps. Louder and louder did it grow until it suddenly came into a halt. Somebody was standing behind her. She knew who it was but she didn’t dare look back. Why did he come back when all was forgotten? Why now…right here with her? Why can’t he just stay away?....Why can’t she let go? She was so deep in her own thoughts…her own personal space when suddenly…surprisingly and unexpectedly he hugs her from the back . She felt his heart beating rapidly as if he too didn’t expect that she was here, in front of him, as if she was only a dream. She was in his arms again. It felt like nothing changed…as if he was hers and she was his until now.  There and then her tears started to show, started to fall. Her tears falling down diligently, falling down onto her cheeks one’s more, falling like endless rain, falling just for him. Anna holds on to his arm and they were silent, as silent as the morning, as silent as their unexpected meeting, as silent as their love. The sun came in rising and they were walking, with arms intertwined to each other, one supporting the other and no one let’s go, never daring to let go again. They remained silent, taking their time, engrossed by the feelings they both felt, the feelings that were reborn from ashes. Then he lets go and she was silent; he caresses her now red rosy cheeks, looking into her eyes, still soulfully in love with her and “I love you” was what he said and he left. She watched him walk away; they separated; she touches her cheeks to feel his warmth; she slowly turns around and goes inside the house with one thing in mind, him. Anna stares out the window and thoughts overwhelmed her mind. The snow was melting then but still she felts that cold chill down to her spine betraying her. Then she found a letter on her table beside the window. It’s from him. She sat down by her chamber window and opened the letter. It’s been 5 years since we last saw each other. We haven’t seen each other ever since, until yesterday. You were there under that same full moon; your eyes glistening; then again, I have been hunted. Thinking all this time that I’ve forgotten about you and tried so hard to let go but then I surrendered. I was about to let go but I just can’t; I was about to give up but I didn’t have the courage to; I was about to close the door but then I saw you.  Why does it have to be this way?  Why did you just let me leave? Why did you allow me to leave you? I waited and waited for a letter, expecting it from you. I was and until now very anxious to know if you still wanted me back, but no letter did I receive from you and that gave me to think you didn’t love me anymore.. I’ve grown tired of waiting; I’m tired of holding on to nothing already thinking that you forgot about me; about us. I’m tired of wishing that you’re still mine, hoping and longing to be yours again. I suffered, knowing that you’re just a memory I hold upon my self, my very own self. All alone in a lonely path trying so diligently to look for the light, trying so hard to look for you; but then, in that cold, chilly night, I have prevailed. I saw the light; my very own light. I saw you. I love you.         She was finish reading his letter, she was silent; she was happy; she was free   (Spring then came a week after. The children, her nephews were outside playing, the others were out and Anna was at the garden with only a pair of cutters on hand and a basket. She was happy but didn’t know why. She was smiling beautifully, overshadowing the beauty of the blooming flowers, overshadowing the feelings of despair when suddenly her maid came in smiling at her mistress. Then she told her that someone was looking for her in the drawing room     Maid- Sorry to interrupt my lady but there is someone who wants to see you in the drawing room.Anna- who is it if I may ask?(Cuts a rose and puts it in her basket)Maid- I believe I do not know him but he tells me that you are acquainted with him before. (Anna looks at her innocently)Anna-(Thinks for a while then looks at her maid and smiles)*It seems that it is an important meeting. I will go see this person (the maid bows and leads her to the drawing room)(When they were in front of the door the male servants opens the door for Anna) Maid- Just call when you need my help your lady.Anna- I will Meg. Thank You. Meg bows at her and leaves while the 2 other servants shuts the door close behind her. And when the door was shut he was their just right behind her back but she didn’t notice. Anna, thinking blindlessly that she was alone, walks in the room. She took a step, he takes a step until she stops and looks out the window. He was looking intently at her; behind her.  He could see from the side of her curved lips that she was smiling while admiring the view and watching the children play out side. He can’t wait any longer. He had been waiting for this all his life. This was his second chance and unlike the first, he wasn’t planning in ruining it. He then spoke Edward- I believe you are all right now. She turns around and looks at him; she was in shock. This pleased him for she missed her a lot, her jokes, her wit, her touch and especially her expressions. He missed everything about her. Edward- I’m sorry if my visit is quite to sudden. I came to talk to you actually if ever you will permit me to talk then? Anna: (it took her some time to recover then she managed to ask) you may if you wish. Edward: I believe you’ve read my letter but this I have to say to you personally. I’m sorry if ever I have trampled your feeling. I left with-with out you knowing. I was confused and unsure about my feelings towards you, persuasion was every where and I couldn’t bear it no longer that is why I left. I had word that you got sick that’s why I went back to see you. Surely you must know that it was all for you. If you’ve lost all love towards me I understand deeply for I have caused you so much pain and agony but if your feelings towards me are still as it was, then I thank you. My feelings and wishes are still as it was and I-I love you still, most ardently. I(-) Before he could continue, Anna was already in his arms. He didn’t remember ever pulling her to his arms but then he realized; she had done it with her own accord. She looks up at him and she was fighting back big traitorous tears.  Anna- my love for you is still as it was. My affection for you will never change And then her tears fell. Anna- *I love you. Edward couldn’t help but hug her. Thinking that if he won’t she might get lost forever. He hugged her as if she were about to fall of a cliff. He hugged her because she was his world. She hugged him back then she looks at him. Edward wipes her tears and both were mesmerize by each others gaze, Anna with dazzling colored blue eyes staring back to his eyes which were green as ever. Then Edward spoke. Edward- I’ll never part with you again, my dear Anna.(Hugs Anna again and places her head to his chest)Edward- Never   EpilogueEdward Fitzrenulph Anthony Hagen and Anna Isabella Marie Collin were married, happily married. After that, Anna bore 5 Children namely Alexander Anthony Henry Hagen (The eldest son), Maria Alexandra Charlotte Portia Samantha Hagen (the eldest Daughter), Benedict Benjamin Thomas Hagen (the second Son), Sylvester Anthony Peter Mari Hagen (the Third son) and Athena Carolina Marie Penelope Rose Hagen (the youngest) -THE END-  


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