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      A Lesson Learned: An Experience to Never be Forgot


Its when your heart starts beating really fast, and you take a second glance, just to find out that hes holding hands with another girl. How can you can go from stomach flutters to heartbreak in 1.5 seconds. It makes me angry that he can still have this affect on me after 4 years. I'm to prideful and independent to ever let myself rely on a man. That's why it didn't work out. When i chose my best friend over him, he left forever. He wouldn't be someones second best. It's my fault I feel this pain over him still, if only i had a different mindset. But I don't. I cannot hold him accountable for anything. Nor do i want too. I want to only remember what we had as perfect and nothing less. I will move on with my life, as will he. And we will be happy. There will always be a part of my heart that will cherish him. But i will not live in the past for it causes only pain. He was only one chapter in my life, one that will be mine forever.


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