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I was in 6th grade when i saw him he was so cutie and i couldn't wait 2 talk to him but one day the teacher annouced that we were going to have a project and she was going to have partners and i was with him and i used this time 4 him to get to know me but i found out she was going out with this populer girl and she was so pretty i figgured out i never had a chance with him!

4 years pass and i stilled liked him but he only dated pretty girls and i had to forget him but couldn't until one day i was going to math class and i saw this kid running fast and we triped and i noticed i never saw him i asked him he was new and he said yeah that he had math class but didn't know where it was so i showed him and since then we became good friends they always talk,txt,and hanged out after school until one day when i went to his house he told me he had to tell me something.

He said he LOVED ME SO MUCH and if i wanted to be his GIRLFRIEND! i!didnt know what to say but i stilled liked the guy from 6th grade but my bestfriend was always there 4 me and if i gave him a chance i could love him llike he did to me so i sayed yes i do want to be your gilfriend.He was so happy i guess he wanted to cry from the happines!

1 month later i found out that i loved him so much that i would do anythind for him!everybody in school were always looking at as and said that we made a cute couple!I was so glad that i had made the gret choice.

It was valintine day and that day he didnt came to school so i thought he was proboly sick then it was 3 weeks he didnt came to school i was worried so i went to his house to see him and his mom opened the door and i asked for him but she looked like she was going to cry so i said what was wrong she said he was died that he had cancer! Days pass and i still think bout him it has been 3 years that he died but i will always have him alive in my heart! SO IF YOU LIKE SOMEONE TELL THEM CUZ U DONT KNOW WHEN U WILL LOSE THEM!


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