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      Broken heart


I am a 25 yr. old man living in Florida who just broke up with the girl of his dreams. She lives in Illinois, and the distance is one thing that I think killed the relationship. We met over the internet, started flirting and talking on the phone, and next thing you knew, we were flying to go
see each other. We were in love. I fell Head over heels for this girl. Everything was fine until the last time she came out to see me. We didnt get along, we fought over stupid stuff, and slowly she parted away from me.

We really broke up around the first of the year. I cannot get over her. I think
about her day and night, and my heart aches because of how much I still love
her. But why? Why do people love someone who does'nt love them or want them,
and knows that they will never be with that person again? I don't know why it
is so hard, but this is a true story of how love can really tear someone up

No matter how much I tell myself that it was not meant to be, I still love her and miss her.

Maybe someday, the right woman will come into my life. But for now, love is'nt all that great.


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