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      My greatest love..


Hi to all the readers.. I'm byer,22 from Phil. This story is all about my greatest love,tai dinsmore.. How i met her,and how i lost her.

The story that I would like to share is about the girl who taught me how to love and be loved but for some drastic reasons,our story didn't have a happy ending. I met dis girl,my greatest love on november of 2006. We were classmates in 1 subject bcoz im an irregular student unlike her. She's really pretty,cute,petite and smart that's why she's so popular in our university but to be honest,she's not my type. I felt nothing the first time i saw her. I didn't mind her presence evrytime were on class not until 1 week before the semester ends. She became 1 of my crushes. I didnt got the chance to ask for her cp# bcoz im afraid of being sn0bbed until the semester ends. 1 day,during the releasement of grades,i saw her friend and i asked for her #. Luckily,she gave it to me then i txted her. We became regular txtm8s since then. I sent her sweet msgs evryday and in an instant,its like courting through txt. We continued to be txtm8s as days go by and when the time the classes started,we already had a mutual understnding. I didnt took our secret relati0nshp seriously by dat time coz i taught,she's just playing or flirting w/ me. 1 day i told her dat,im about to Court other girl. I thought,she wouldnt mind but im wr0ng. She then told me that she loves me and how hurt it was. I didnt mind her feelings and evrythng she said. I still courted the other girl and we became bfs. I dunno but,somewhere in my heart,i knw dat im not happy. I miss tai (my greatest love) and i miss her sweetness. I suddenly decided to broke up with gilian (the other girl) and ask for tai's forgiveness. At first,she told me that she wont evr forgive me but because of my sincerity and pure love,her heart started to melt. I started courting her and after 1 m0nth of courting,tai and I became officialy bf & gf. Since then,we're inseperable. Evry m0ment w/ her is like heaven at all.. Ive fallen for her deeper and deeper each day. I thought,those m0ments wouldnt last but it did. 1 simple misunderstanding had lead into bigger fights. The time came that she ended our relati0nshp. Its like,my world turned upside d0wn then she broke up with me. I cnt afford lose her so i decided to fight for her so i can win her back. I alm0st did all the craziest thngs that you could imagine just to prove to her that i really love her. But my efforts were became worthless.. 1 night,She told me that her feelings for me was already g0ne and there's s0me0ne new. I drunk to death that night,the day after and s0 0n.. I became miserable since then. 3 yrs had passed,but im still trapped with in my past. My heart still aches and m0ans for her. I didnt had even a single relati0nshp for 3 years until n0w. Of course,im n0t too miserable unlike before. N0w,she's already married and living in U.S. I hope she's fine and happy. In this life,it may n0t be us together,but there is still a next life,and the next,and the next, for i believe that this world may end and that time may stand still,but my love for her is forever and for eternity..


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