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      When a butch came in..


i am a single mom to a 1yr and 4 mos old baby girl..her father, well i killed him..not literally! i dont mind him..2 months aftr i gave birth, i start looking for a job.. then i was hired to this huge company..i didnt know that a friend of mine was also working there. she's a lesbian, but if you look at her, you wouldnt noticed that, she has a shoulder length hair, she is figure and health concious and all that..but she is a lesbian by heart. we became close friends until after a couple of months, i find her acting strange, giving me a good and weird smile and sparkling i confronted her and ask her..what is this all about, of course she denies it and gave me a remark "huh?! what about"..then eventually she's admiting it..yes eventually!then i am beginning to like her as well, i am not into this kind of emotional aspect with the same sex..i dont know how does it happens, i dont know why, the feeling just pop up. then it goes well, although we dont have this deeper and serious relationship, we remain close friends..then after a month or two, the feelings gets colder and colder..and i asked her if i still do exist? then she answered me with a "yes"! but i cannot feel it anymore, i know busy she was, but a simple hi and hello and "i miss you" once in a while is enough..think about this..everytime i will tell her i love her or i miss her she will answer me with a "okay"..what the f***?! right..then now i am thinking if should stop or just let go the feeling of being into her..what do you think?! lesbian sucks..they are very hard to understand..=(


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