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      Love wasted


well he was my best friend and i felt very comfortable around him

and he always made me feel good inside.

one day i went to visit him to chill and just talk.

so we were in the corner of the street just talking

and i just realize that this guy my own best friend

i really like him. hes cute and honest

i wanted to kiss him at the moment but i control myself

cause i didn't know if he liked me or no.

so i got home and i aim him and we were talking for

a very long time and then he told me that he liked

me and that he wanted to kiss me. I was shocked cause

i wanted to the same. and a day was wasted. but at least i saw him

the next day i decided to go to his house for a little while.

we were there making jokes laughing. all that good stuff.

and then when it came time for me to leave

i ended up kissing him. it  was very passionate and

very sentimental. it was like those movie kisses that you

just say aww and how cute. he was a great kisser who can blame him.

so i walked home and i felt all bubbly inside and couldn't get that

image out of my mind.

the way he hugged me.

the way he hold me

the way he kissed me

he was the perfect guy but it turned to a disaster after wards.

he became the type of guy you wouldn't want to be around

the jealousy. the oh you don't call people up.

ugh all of that.

i felt uninterested in the guy so i stop being the nice person

that i am. i became harsher and colder.

but now that i think of it. i think it was my fault.

I'm here crying and becoming sad.

i lost a best friend.

i lost the only guy that made me happy

i practically lost my life

and now he has a girlfriend.

which i think he doesn't love.

I'm writing this cause i felt like it

and i just wanted to say

i will always love him with all of my heart

and i hope he doesn't get in any trouble.

i love you best friend.


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