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      For some, love is greed


I had known him for nine years all together. But during our 7 year friendship, we decided to finally date and have relations. One year later (8 years total) I found out he'd been married for 2 years. Although during our
courtship he was separated, he and I continued to date and now it's been almost
two years later--it's now over.

So that he nor I would have regrets, I
encouraged him to make sure when he decides to leave her that he had tried
EVERYTHING. He was my friend for YEARS. I will miss him. He said, they're
talking but he doesn't think it's going to work. There's too much still wrong
with their relationship. I was not the reason he and his wife seperated in the
first place and I certainly was not the reason why he decided to stay with her.
I actually feel relieved. There's closure. although he would have probably
continued to see me if I had ALLOWED it.

I feel in control of my happiness once
again. He said he lied and took from me because, he loved me.

Sounds like greed to me.


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