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      A Brother, Cousin, Friend, Boyfriend, Nephew, Son, But Nothing Like Me A True Angel To Him


All these people was to this young 21 year old who was shot and killed cold blooded...don't know who did or why? But me as a true solider and a true friend to this man knows who did it and knows some people who know did it but scared to tell but not me I will do what I can for my homie. This man was so sweet caring and he never would hurt a fly...only if he had to. Also to my knowledge people were jealous of him cause he would get all the girls and he was just so sweet. I tried my hardest to be with him so he wouldn't be with these fake people and look what happend to him. I can tell he was raised to be a good man to a woman and anybody. But my homie is gone and all i can do is listen to him talk to me while I pray and he kept telling me do it do it do it. I kept saying do what do what homie.....he said you know do it. I said amen and 2 years later I was online and found my way to do what he wanted me to i am in tears crying cause he is blessing me for doing wha he asked. All his family I want you to know that I will be here for you all the way. Bless all your hearts.


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