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      The saddest story


My aunt and uncle met in high school - she a popular pretty girl and he
the all-round sportsman. After school he was recruited into the army to do his
service, (which is no longer a law in our country) and was mostly away for 2
years - which did wonders for their relationship - absence makes the heart grow
fonder and all that.

They eventually got married after having been together for 12 years. They were
too busy to go on honeymoon and decided to take it a couple months later. So
they jetted off to Mauritius with some friends to stay in a beach house.

One day the 3 guys went snorkeling and they were about 250 metres from shore
when my uncle said that he wasn't feeling well and that he was going back to
shore - thinking nothing of it, the friends said they'd meet him back there.

About 10 mins later they decided to head back and found my uncle face down about
100 metres from shore. When they realised that he wasn't snorkelling or moving -
they turned him over and took him to shore.
When they got him on the beach - where my aunt was waiting - they checked his
pulse - he was still alive and breathing very faintly, but had obviously
swallowed a lot of water. So they did CPR and my aunt called an ambulance. She
sat there on that beach and held him for dear life - begging him not to leave
her. When the ambulance arrived - they put him in and she rode with him in the
back. He died on the way to hospital.

She had to fly home with his body on her honeymoon. At the time I was only ten
and on the 10th March 2002 - it is the 12th year of his death.

She remarried shortly after to a man 15 years older and had 3 beautiful

The saddest thing now - is that he's just had two heart attacks and is at the
top of the waiting llist in the country for a new heart. If he doesn't get one
soon...... Please whoever reads my story - pray for them as much as you can.
Thank you.


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