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      Cannot forget him


We met three years ago and saw each other very often for two years. Last year I saw him and talked to him just two times. He told me he looks forward to hearing from me and likes everything about me and that my calls don't bother him. He apologised for not calling me, he say's he has been too busy and stressed. We met at a hotel; I rent the room because he did not have time to do it. Everything was ok until it was time to return home...he told me that it was our last time together. He explained to me that he is too old and I will understand him when I get to his age. I am 40 he is 53. He hugged me and had a very hard time leaving me. He said that I should not call him and he will only say hello and goodbye to me when he sees me. I was so surprised that I could not react or even talk. I only asked him if he will consider seeing me later on. I was not prepared for his answer at all! He said, no.

Next day he came to see me and tried to give me money to pay for the room. At the beginning I did not know why he wanted to give me this money. I did not accept it... I haven't seen him or talked to him ever since.

It feels like I never existed for him... I cannot forget him.


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