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      2 weeks together.


Summer of 2008 i think..i had to spend maybe like 2 && a half weeks out of the summer at boys and girls club before started off to Canada for 2 weeks, then to a rock n' roll camp for a week, && lastly Florida with some friends for a week..that summer i spent a whole of 1 week at home.


I walked into B&&G's Club on my first day;; my best friend, Ronnie, waiting for me at the door. (he was the only one i knew there at the time) he walked me passed the sign in counter && this guy came running out of the teen room && barely made the halt before hitting us. when he saw that it was Ronnie, he said hi then saw me step out from behind him && went into awe. he stood looking at me for some reason? i thought he was crazy...but gorgeous at the same time! Ronnie broke the silence by saying "Rachel;; that's Cheese" i made a face at the name but said hi..he still was silent. We ended up walking to the gym as he continued standing there, still in awe.


He must of realized it or something bcuz he came running in after us a few minutes later. He was the most amazing guy i had ever seen;; Blond hair, green eyes, you could even tell that he had a great body. his style was even amazing>> he had on black, red, && white plaid shorts on, with black Nike Shox, a white underarmour shirt, && even $200 black Oakleys on. Later that day he started to actually talk to me, he was REALLY funny && me at least.


We started going out the next day..pretty soon i kno but we had so much fun together! that week we had soooo much fun together! went to Fall Creek Falls together && skating && bowling && even swimming...we did everything together...literally.


one morning he was waiting for me when i came in, he had my shirt from the day before in his backpack..i sat down beside him && he simply said "your shirt && your ring.." && handed me a 14 qt gold engagement ring..i didn't kno what it meant but i hugged his neck...


We spent the rest of my time there together doing everything from sneeking away from groups to ev


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