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      Love happens only once the rest is just life...i ll always love you.


i met him when i was just 16.he ws my brothers frnd and ws 5 years older 2 me.v became frndz n after 2 years v both realised tht v love each other.he loved me madly.he could do nythng for me evn his family well accepted me however my family nevr liked him.we went thru many bad and good phases.v evn brokeup several times but luv finds it ways v kept on meetin again and again.

but now time was crucial i had 2 select between my family and carreer or my love because my brother ws completly against him.i cldnt leave my family and run away so i asked him if he would wait 4 me until my family agrees.but his parents wnted him 2 settle fast so tht he gets rid of his drinkin n faggin habbits. (he started doin ths coz he said i ll kill my self if u dont marry me).


v tired to make thngs wrk out btween us.but our future alws came into question and v ended up fightin.


so now 5 years after v met,loved each other cared about each other...

v are in2 separate ways...v dont meet call...nothin....his parents wnt him 2 marry another grl....and mayb in a year or to he ll marry sum1 else...


but i still have one faint hope tht v ll meet sumday and get married and have kids and grow old together..!!


love u alws...


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