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      Dieing Right Before His eyes


Me,The type of girl who could never settle with one man, hardly botherd with relationships ,No one was ever good enough.

Going out with guys who got my sympathy vote.I fell in love many times.But never truly new what love was.


A pretty girl ,long brown hair, brown eyes, slim waist, tall and fair.Men were throwing themselves at me left right and centre.But i never wanted anyone less then perfect.I was a shy girl ,who would indulge herself in love movies,tease and flirt to pass time .I was the ultimate heart breaker ,id never done anything apart from kissing.


College 2008...He was amazingly tall,hazel eyes,,immaculate features.Wonderful manners, a gentlemen in a boys body.His sense of style, his humour everything was perfect.


I was falling for him..i was chasing him..but he had his eyes set on another girl.Iv never felt so rejected in my life.Not being able to have him killed me.So i gave up and accepted defeat.


summer came.along with some love.I got the most surprising message of my life.He texted me a four page text telling me he'd fallen in love with me.He was in love with me the whole time.Just didn't no how to tell me.I was head over heels.The whole summer he would send me love poems..But we never had the guts to meet up properly.He would visit my work place now and then.I slowly started loosing interest


I broke his heart.


2009.I was madly in love with him again.Suicidal because he refused to speak to me, i changed to impress him..i ditched everyone for him.He noticed ,so Stringing me along saying well get engaged soon..i was on cloud we did get engaged secretly.We were madly in love.the most perfect couple anyone had ever seen.Then somehow i wasnt good enough.


Blocked and deleted.Cut and pasted .he removed me from his life.Like a rag doll i was hopeless.Dieing inside,while he sat watching blindly


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