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      Starting over, late in life!


Trying to start over sometimes takes a toll on us. I was married to a mentaly abusive man, who drank a lot. But I finally got outta there but not
without a lot of wear and tear on this body.

Im not that old but sometimes I feel
very old. I been on my own for almost a year. I have dated but it is nothing
that I would want to talk about. All I want is to have someone special to spend
the rest of my life with. My best friend, a companion. Someone to love and share
special moments with. But I guess everyone wants a model. But that I aint. I am
an honest and caring lady. But in todays world everyone is interested only in
looks. Why is that?? Doesnt anyone want to take the time to know the real
person. The person that is on the inside.

Im not bad looking but people out in this crude world look down on me because I'm
not 36-24-36. But if they took the time, they could be easily surprised. They may
just find the woman of their dreams. But who is brave enough to do that??? Not
anyone I have met YET?

Being alone is the biggest heartache I have ever experienced. Not having someone
to talk to, to share with, or hold. Why is the world like this?? Isn't there
anyone out there that wants to meet an honest and caring lady. Who has so much
love to give. If only given the chance.

Maybe one day I will find someone who is real and wants someone like me. But
until then the questions still keep going thru my mind. Is there a man who
wants a caring, loving and honest lady?

Guess one day I may find out. RIGHT???


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