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      My First Love and regrets


In was June 2008, i was in lust with this man witch that unfortunately i had conceived my first child by him. but not in a millions years that i regret of having my baby. any way i started working for this company and i had transfer to work in another restaurant. there i had meet my first love i said first love because i loved till this day. we are not together but i had learn a lot of stuff from. he touch my heart the right way without even knowing it. we spend alot of time together.when i needed of him he will there for me i mean everything was going great until he open to me telling that he sorry that he was already talking to someone before me, but he end up falling for me too. so he didn't know what to do with the situation. i was hurt, but my feeling for was so strong and deep for him that's when i reliaze that i was in love with him. he has very strong feeling me, too i could tell but i had to let him go but i she would tell this if had never meet him i wouldn't never how he feel to be wanted by someone. now i know that God is preparing for true for me the man that would love me unconditionally love that, will take care of me, love, respect and provide for me. when he is away i feel empty because he is going to be my soul mate the other part of me. he will be my bestfriend, my lover, after God my everything. you why because he going he my true. thats you i thank my first love Daryl R. he helps me in way that he didn't even know where ever you are...have faith that we will meet one day.


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