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      Not so True Love


There was this girl who was in 6th grade at the time and all of her friends had boyfriends and she only had a crush.So she asks the boy if he wants to go out with her.He says "sure.".


So they're going out for about five months (by then they are boyfriend and girlfriend). And her boyfriend is sorta mean to her friends and they are hurtful to him.


So her Best friend is joking around and she goes up to the other best friends' boyfriend and whispers in his ear saying "you guys should make-out!". So he gets mad and and throws a kick-ball in the back of her head!


And the other girl laughs a snotty laugh and then the other girl gets super angry! Then that same girl goes to the nurse and the nurse says she has a concussion!


The other girl is so sad and mad at her boyfriend that the next day she breaks up with him! Only because she felt she had to and later that day she realized she still had feelings for this guy!


So that same day she asks him out again. He says "YES!"!


And now she feels she is losing her love for him. And she doesn't know what to do. Because it is summer and she can't like meet him somewhere or talk to him.


So she has to wait all summer to break some guys' heart!




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