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      Ditch Aside


He ditched me aside during the prom night ...

Rise and Shine , he once said that to me . I woke up and smiled that morning .It was his first text to me.

i asked him once ,

:" I'll be your honey star , you'll be my what?"

he replied ,

:" you'll be mine"

I blushed .. , And i asked him again

:" It must be love when...., continue your sentence =D"

and he replied ,

:" it must be love when i see happiness in your eyes"

Another blushing moment ,And I'm sure he's the right guy for me from that moment.

Halloween, he gave me packet of Gummy inside and place it in front of my house, I'm smiling , I'm laughing , I'm jumping , I'm everything.

It's the best surprise ever.

It happen during October


During the 14th of December , I woke up so early in the morning but i got no text from him . I was waiting until i fall asleep. Until the noon , he finally text me.

:" are you ready for prom?"

With all my happy mood , i dress up myself with the long dress which i used up all my saving to get it ,I asked my mum to makeup for me , I lend Accessories around from people And lastly , I wore my high heels.

Mum and dad said i look pretty that day ,They never see me wearing a long dress since that day.

Evening , he picked me up and we headed to the place. I remember , It was silence in the car , we dint talk , we dint sing and all we do is breath and doing our things.

I hope we talked that moment , It's been 2 weeks we dint really chat.

It was the Invitation school prom from him , I don't really know people there.

I was standing there alone ,And i don't know where he's gone to .

I notice people start paying attention on me , Wondering who am i and what I'm doing there. I keep staring at the floor , like I'm in the wrong place.

Finally , He appeared . I smiled again. We walked in together and i realize everything change. We ain't talking anymore .

He keep on disappearing from my eye sight that night , I wasn't happy , i wasn't anything . I never knew this would happen to me. I felt like , I got ditched aside that moment , No one were there for me ... I look around me and all i saw were strangers . In fact , I felt like tearing ...

it was late and he appeared again , I asked him where have he been and he replied nothing. All I saw was he's taxiing a girl ,with a smiley beside her name. I looked  backwards , And i cried silently , without people knowing.

I know now , I knew everything . And i know what I'm suppose to do .

:" heyy, can u fetch me home now?"

:" yea , sure"

I got home early that night and my parents were surprise.

I  Didn't cry that night , after my relaxing bath and removing all those makeups , I fall to my dreamland.


during November...

:" Can you be my prom date? The prom night is on 14th of December (one month to go) , I hope you're willing to.And I'm paying for your ticket"

I scream out loud , and said I'm willing . I was only 15 and i get to go to prom.

My friends said i was lucky , very lucky . And yes , I am. I have to admit this.

It was our second outing , I was playing his mobile phone.

When i look at all his contacts , I saw mine , with a smiley face beside .

He said to me , "The smiley means special to me ."

I keep quiet , and smile happily inside my heart.It was the sweetest moment ever in my life.

We hang out together , I always remember i was grounded because i went out without my parents permission and watched Movie with him. That day was Fun , Fun and Fun .

At last week of November , He confess to me through message .

He said he love me , forever and endlessly.

I dint accept his love ,but I asked Him to Confess to me face to face and he promise he will.

The only day we meet is during the prom night , and I just can't wait for that day.

I went shopping for the prom and i used up all my saving just for that dress.I wish i look good and pretty that day and made him thinks that I'm beautiful.


 During December ,

:" It's weird that we dint really talk much recently , isn't it?"

I asked , he just said no .

Everything is getting less , getting empty, getting lost ,getting weird , getting quiet until the Prom night. We finally meet and nothing happen.

Where's the confession of love he promise?

15th December , phone calls woke me up.

It was my BFF .

BFF :" heyy , hows ya prom, is it fun?"

me :" ..."

BFF :" So you both are together right now??"

me ; (tears rolling down my face)"

BFF :" come on , tell me . I wanna know !"

me :" No , we're not together. I was ditched aside yesterday night , I was alone all the time , I don't know where he go , And when he appeared i saw him messaging another girl."

 And i start crying , louder , and louder & louder...

My heart was so pain ,It sink-ed .

My air changed , I can't breath.

I'll always remember how salty the tears was

I understand why my Bff keep quiet that moment , She knows that nothing can really comfort me that moment , All she do was listening me crying on the phone , wasting her money.'

I drop , i fall , I can't stand up anymore.

I'm Emo , i don't want to talk

Who can be my clown and cheer me up?

I always wanted to ask him ,

:" are you regret asking me to be your prom date?"

:" Next time when you're hanging out with girl , Don't left her behind and let her walk alone , okay?"

And i Didn't asked

A guy , who always read my secret hidden words in my blog , and act he don't know anything.

A guy , who know almost everything about me , And i don't know much about him

A brave girl like me , Who dare to meet him without knowing how he look like , an Internet friend , and even called him out for a date.

A guy , who leave the bus and walked me home <3.


A guy ,that i actually look into his eyes and see happiness.


Last hidden words in my blog for him,

My friends asked why i stop talking about you , And i smiled.

And i told them , A guy like him , and i get to know him , I am already happy.

I always remember what you said to me , and those promises.

Empty promises , you made.

I won't trust you again.

Are you still highlighting my blog? ((=


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