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      What never meant to be


well it all started in the 8th grade..... it was the first day of school and i walked in...everyone were looking at me at that time....i saw an empty seat next to a girl with long blonde hair she said hi to me and after that word be became best friends she told me that another friend was coming to the school. the other girl ,my friend and i became the best friend in school until one day....i meet this guy everyone told me that he liked me but i never believed what they said because i thought that a boy like that would like me but yet he did so i started talking to him and in a real short period of time i started to feel things for him the only thing i didn't know was that with those feeling were the beginning of my nightmare......i started to date him but he became a cheater he cheated on me with my best friend and he told me that he didn't liked her that he loved me and that it was all a bet that he was never with her because he liked her........i believed all he said... we got back together and i was still her friend because i love d both of them. she was like my sister, but after all he told me that she never wanted to be my friend and that he never cared about my feelings......he saying that he still love me and i l;love him too but i just cant forget what happened with them my heart now is broken i dont think i will believe no more love never meant to be in my life........


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