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      The Girl Beyond


Now everything is at the normal pace.

You may saw her glowing when chitchatting with her company,

sharing the past happenings and laughing out with them.

Just filling in the gap they had lost for few weeks.

She's enjoying.

Yet the moment she turned her eyes on me,

I noticed something different.

Her eyes are so intense that looking at it might wreck your heart into pieces.

A lingering saddened eyes welled up with unnoticed tears..

Looking at her seems she's not the one i used to know.

I could have understand her but never the moment i chance at her

bursting out into tears..

One time, i sneak out on her room to find out her dark secrets.

My eyes hovered inside the small was indeed dark.

Suddenly, my jaw felt tight, and my heart fell on the ground seeing a small figure in a bed.

It was her. She drowned her face into pillows, curled herself like an embryo

as she cried out every pain..catching every breath in her heart,

while battling herself not to cry.

What could have made her feel so dark and lost?


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