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      When Steve Met Michele


This is not only a love story but a heartache story and a lesson for all. I was 19 and had done somethings in my life I was not proud of, already at 18 I had given a child up for adoption and had had several one night stands. My life was empty and I was tired of it I had sworn of men altogether.

Then it happened, I had to work a polka festival for my father, not thrilled about it I went. Working the registration booth I was borded I had already had one guy hit on me preaty badly and was tired of the whole thing, then I saw Steve he worked at the hotel as a setup guy and had been by the booth several times, he finally came up and talked to me, that was when we met we kissed that weekend but nothing else, he was to go visit his parents out of town and would call when he got back.

Our first date was dinner and a movie, the food Taco Bell the movie When Harry Met Sally, we went back to his place and I really loved the way he was kissing me, he kept asking me if I wanted to go home but I could'nt needless to say we ended up stairs but this was different I wanted to spend the night, I had never done that before I never wanted to. The next day after he got off work and called me I cryed because I told him I swore I would never be with a guy like that again, he came over and held me.

By now you think that is where the story ends no not likly the heartache part is just begining. You see he tried to break it off with me shortly there after but we could'nt stay away. Then after living on my own didn't work out I tried staying with Steve for a while and that wasn't working out, one night he came home late and I knew he had been out this this girl who was phsyco, I tried to warn him about her but he did't listen, he made me move back to my Dads.

I thought that it was over, then he came over one night and we went back to his place once again we could'nt be apart, what was going on? That was the beging of our summer love afair although neither one of us could tell the other one we love the other one, we were scared. Life got even worse one night after work I was laying in bed and I felt a funny feeling in my tummy I thought thats odd where have I felt that before? Oh my God I pregnant again. Steve wasn't happy he put me in a home for unwed mothers where during my doctors appointment I found out he gave me a diseas from phsyco chick, I was mad and hurt I felt like my life was over I ached for Steve but it was too late for us or so I thought.

I finally had had enough the home wanted me out and I was done, I told him I need to move out and his place was the only place I could go, I moved in and a week later I had a baby girl, the road was long and hard phsyco girl was calling the house during the day and leaving mean messages on the machine, she went around telling everyone he loved her and one night called the house acted like she didn't know I was there and asked Steve to meet her at the hotel that she had a room, did he go? No he didn't instead he held me dried my tears and told me he loved me.

It will be 17 years of married bliss (with bumps along the way) we have 3 children who are living and an angel up in heaven, recently I saw the move fireproof and it has made our bond so much stronger, after all these years we finally admitted to each other that we were falling in love that summer, we both cried that we wasted so much time with other people we now know what it means to find your love of a lifetime. Through it all we stayed together not because we had to but because we wanted to, the sweetest thing Steve ever said to me was that summer when I spent the weekend with him, in bed holding me he kissed me and called me his bestfriend, now he says he wishes he had told me he loved me that night but really how many times does a girl hear oh I love you and it's not true, his true feelings were I was everything he wanted in a friend and a lover, I was and still am his bestfriend.

I hope this story helps everyone who reads it that love isn't preaty but when it's real and right it can overcome anything.


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