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      Love triangle .


Schooling times, this girl,Kate, noticed this special guy,Joe.

Joe is a secondary 5 student, whereas Kate is 1year younger than him. Kate likes joe, whenever she saw him in the canteen,

this word 'Hot!' , simply couldn't stop coming out from her mouth. After awhile, Kate realise that Joe is already attached, for 3years.His girlfriend is no longer in the same school, they are of same age. Kate's heart was broken, but, feelings were still there, somehow rather, she get to know him. Her friend passed her his handphone number, so, she started texting him. The first move she made, was on 13th febuary, the day before valentine's day. She kept asking him about his girlfriend, well, it hurts her heart, but , she's curious.Now,it had been almost 4months since they knew each other, They often when out together,also,they can be considered as fling.She loved him deeply,but,feeling sense of guilt being a thirdparty, she tried to leave him, but, times & times she failed to do it.

She's so confused, whenever she found out that the guy lies to her when he meets his girlfriend & its only when she found out from his girlfriend's blog, its really heartbreaking.

Now, they are really very close, closer then bestfriend,

Kate started to panic, she doesn't know what to do.

Because, knowing that the guy couldn't let her go, just like how she don't bear to leave him.

She know's she can't continue this way, but, there's no where she could find a solution as she knows, he couldn't leave his girlfriend .But,nothing is impossible.This really make her feel stressful & confused.People also say its ALL FAIR IN LOVE. so, she believes that, time is not important, because, feeling's can just fade away, even if a couple marrieds for many years, the probability of seperating is 1/2 . so, if you met this situation, just give it a try, because, its all fair in love (:


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