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you could only be young once as the cliche' goes. Indeed, I truly lived my teenage life to the fullest - to the pint of over - living it.

And i admit i did play around. In fact, I was still in my early teens when I started going steady with guys.

At school, i was far - out a very aggressive girl. I do speak my mind and was not afraid to assert myself.And i was a little rebellious too. My aunt Rita had always had a hard time straightening my head cause I'm indeed a hardheaded. maybe it was because i was orphaned at a very young age and i had no real parents to discipline me.

Men have found me truly desirable. And i very much enjoyed being the center of attention always. there was a never a dateless weekend for me. Suitors would even fall in line and fight fiercely to win my yes.

I truly fooled around. However, the consequence of my games had sadly taught me a lesson. I got pregnant at a very young age of 18.

My aunt was so furious that she had almost kidnapped the father of my child so we could get married.

So i became mother at a very young age. life was so difficult and i finally realized how terribly hard it was to have a family. And worse, i wasn't even a bit in love with the man I married.

The Vince entered the picture. although i was already married and a mom to three year old child. Vince surprisingly was the only man who showed me real respect and affection. at first it was just more friendship but eventually, we found ourselves slowly falling for each other. he knew about my past and he was willing to fight for his love for me.

I never thought someone like Vince would come my way. I have been with many men before, but no one did take me seriously. And sadly, I am also not fulfilled with the way things are going with me and my husband. All my mistakes have truly put me into such misery.

But Vince was different. I knew that he was for real. and being with him he would utterly be bliss and contentment. but I just can't commit another mistake this time. I already have a family. And a good man like Vince certainly deserves a woman who could make him happy. definitely, that woman is not me.

Stumbling upon the right gut at the wrong time is regrettably sad. Yes, I have a lot regrets. But i have to move on and fix all the mess that i did - for the good of my child, my husband, and also for myself.


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