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      If we meet again


I met Joey in college on September the 21st of 2001

I was waiting for my friend library who didn't show up at the time and I went to the cafe lounge part of the school and her friend David asked if I knew she was coming and I said''I have no idea!But I guess we can wait!''.

And sitting across from him I saw my soul mate.He was wearing all black with a black and red baseball cap backwards which I thought was very sexy.

We started talking and it was like no one else was in the room but him and I.We did alot of things together like he taught me how to play a song the the piano,went to the library and read a magazine,Went out on a double date even.One day we were suppose to meet after class and he forgot about it.I was upset and took it out on him which led us to breaking up,

I was heartbroken because we still saw each other every day.When he graduated I lost contact with him and the only thing I had was his cellphone number.Few years later I get on the computer and search for him and found

him .I sent him an email not thinking that he would email me back and was about to give up hope when the next day I checked my email and have gotten an ecard from a secret admirer and when I figured it out I called him and told him how happy I was that he still thought about me.And we have been happy ever since






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