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      Was Everything a Lie?


To make along story short, there is this guy (FRANK) that has been liking me for 3 years, he always finds a way back in my life even when i had moved on, he was always stuck in between being with me or his ex, since the only reason he got with her was because i rejected him. He has done messed up things to me in the past and very childish as well. he is 3 years older than me but last year thought I was disrespecting him and prank calling him, then he set me up to throw me water balloons, though none of them hit me, then he tried talking to me after his best girlfriend called him and said i was upsetting him and left. he would still find a way back, he came back recently apologizing for all we have been through in the past, saying he has thought things through and has changed and wants to start over, i gave him the benefit of the doubt and it was great, then a few months later says he doesnt want a serious relationship at the moment, he just wants to have fun, which is easy to understand from a young guy, so i let things be and just asked for the truth and said if there was another girl... months later, after still speaking to me the same way he used to goes see his friend out of state, me and him sort of had a long distance relationship anyway since he was away for school. after that weekend he was acting really strange, turns out he did something with his friends best girlfriend while he was over there, i found out through her because she had become my friend, just like anyone of his other friends that loved me so did she, and she was just a friend, but she had done something with him a while back before me and him were really serious. so i was a little jealous to be honest... but in most recent news, last night he was drunk and my bff happened to see him and talk to him. One of my "good friends" texted me today and told me she saw him too. now this "good" friend, is verrrry friendly in general., but only after I spoke to him did she start being extra friendly to him and giving him kisses on the cheek when she saw him. It never really bothered me until TODAY! She is just that kind of girl that does things like lap dances and dancing on bars in parties just for attention. She had done something with a guy I spoke to but I didnt care much because he was just a crush! She send him a friend request on facebook, and would invite him to events. I dont think she likes him but that is just the flirtatious person she is but he is also the same way. Earlier today she sends me a text saying she saw him yesterday and I say I dont care, please lets not talk about him. And she doesnt write back. Then she sends me another text message hours later and we keep talking and I told her about a bet I made with my best friend, on how if Frank ever comes back would I take him back or not, and I am betting I wont take him back and my bff says I will like I always do. Then my friend that I was telling, says I will win the best. And then says " I think he likes me " I say oh, how? Did he try kissing you? And she says no but his friend called me yesterday saying he wanted to see me, and when I have been seeing him lately he tells people i am his "future" and that he wants to marry me. First of all, the way she said it was so nonchalant, I felt like she didnt care at all, and it was in such a cocky way like it should have been obvious. And what else would I say to that, but WOW. I told her to delete him from facebook and not to talk to him ever, then she says she will keep it at hi and bye, shouldn't it have been that way since the beginning? she says she wont delete him because then he would think i sent him, and i said, yeah its true. but I really don't care, obviously he thinks he has a chance with her because he wouldnt say that other wise. Last week when I saw him I happened to be with her one time and he asked for a hug, my bff was with us and said that was really messed up because what if we were alone i would have looked really dumb! which is true!! And he was also with that girl which I had the argument with . and my bff saw him yesterday and he was super drunk and so were all his friends i might add. also she refuses to delete him and i already said it bothers me, i shouldn't have to explain this to a real FRIEND, knowing that it bothers me why cant you just do it. I explained the story to my best guy friend without using names and he says it seems as if the girl is subconsciously flirting with the guy, and a guy wouldn't go for his ex "girlfriends" friends if he didn't think he had a chance... So like seriously how am i supposed to feel right now? Like I KNOW i just need to move on from him but I feel like I want him to be the one, and this is bad I know. And sometimes I think about it and its like look at what he has made me go through, like he cant just walk back in like he always did, and theres did and there are days I would think nothing of/ about him and days he is all i think about him. I thin I love him and we have been through so much together, It is hard for me to believe his feelings can just leave, and I think he still has a soft spot for me but he just isn't ready to show it and i want him to, and i bet he will show it when i am married with kids. But thinking he still wants me just makes me want to wait for him... ughh please... I dont want to hear I should move on I know... I guess I just want my questions answered, does he really want to " marry" my friend or is she just leading him on? why does he keep coming back making things perfect and leaving again? I know I may be too young to think of things this much. This is STRESSFUL!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Sorry this was really long, and let me know if there was something you didn't understand.


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