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      Foolish girl...


i went to some part of Middle East to perform there for 3 months. I am a band vocalist and we play there. My first 2 months there was really boring and lonely. until i met this guy. actually i had a crush on him but he ignores me. but when we became friends we started going out with my friends and also his friends. he was broken hearted that time. i felt that he is really lonely that time. we started seeing each other, drinking and started to sleep in his flat. we got drunk one night and started flirting until we are kissing. the next day he started calling me until next day and so on... when he invited me and my friends again in his flat something happen to us because we are both drunk. the next day i made a contract for us that i will be his girl for one month because i need to go back to my country next month. i sleep with him every night but never tell anything about our feelings. even my secret love to him. each passing day that i'm with him the more i feel that i love him. until i go back to my country.. he still sending me message and calling me. he told me that he will renew the contract and be his girlfriend..real girlfriend. he told me he love me also. he is consistent that time. calls, texts and chat. one month he is consistent until one day he never text me or call me. but i keep on calling and texting him.he told me he's going back home for vacation so we can meet again. when i meet him in mall i brought him at my home. he met my whole family. but every time im with him i felt something is not right. he spend too much time on the phone talking of someone. he is so scared of the girl he's talking to. i asked him he told me it's nothing. before he go back to middle east while he is sleeping i take a look at his mobile and i saw he's new girlfriend's pictures and messages. it feels like my world was crushed. i confronted him about it and still he denies. what really hurt me is when i see his friendster and see him and his girlfriends picture hugging each other. he love me but it was just a lie. all was a lie. his new girlfriends is also from a band where we play before. he never talked to me and say anything . he just left me no words or explanations.



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