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Well i was goin out with this boy (lets call him Joe) ;]

we were goin out for about 2 months... :]

everythin was O.K but my friends use to tell me what do you see in him? and all those questions ]=

but i ignored it...anyways my friend "Victoria" said he will put his hand on my....

then my friend "Kelly" said brake up with him or else im goin to get real mad at you her words were: brake up with him cause what i see here is that he just wants to bang you its better to loose a boy than a friend you dont need a man

the words he just wants to bang you kept repeating in my head before she just said tat i took a couple of quizes and it sometimes said: or he may just wants to bang you

a couple days later my friend said: my sister asked "Joe" out and he said yes now hes saying that he didnt

i got mad and i told her to tell him that it was over its the 4th day that i broke up with him ]=

his cuzin "Victorias" boyfriend said he never said yes and so does his cuzin "Cynthia" said tat Victoria i


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