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      The love that never was


I met this guy when i was in college. He was in the same class as mine .He was strikingly handsome and somehow made me feel very special. I used to be rude because I was coming from a girls school and was scared of guys. To hide my fear I used to talk rudely so that I could keep people away. But at the same time I wanted his attention and was crazy about him.

Well to cut a long story short he eventually moved on with another girl. But the sad truth is I still have not been able to move on. I still yearn for him and jealously wish that his current love leaves him . I also like to believe that he too has not moved on in the real sense. I would like to kiss him and sleep with him even though it might be cheating in the relationship that I now have. I fantasize meeting and him admitting how much he missed me and how no one could take my place. I talk to him sometimes in my room alone imaging my words would reach him. I miss him like hell.


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