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It wuz at the beginning of my sophomore year in 2008 dat i went into my fifth period which was spanish as soon as i walk in there i saw a guy dat caught my attention i immediately felt something in my stomach like butterflies dat same day we had to share something about us to the class when it was his turn i found out dat we had things in common. well as two months went by i wanted to talk to him so bad at da moment i didnt feel dat it wuz luv i just wanted to be his friends so we kind of talked well as time went by i couldnt get over him it was so weird because i've never felt like dat i would think of him 24/7 it was weird so one day when we were in class i wrote him a letter and i asked him if he had a girlfriend and all dat he said no and then he asked me and i said no so after dat we still didnt talk i guess i made it awckward or something well i got to a point in which my thoughts, dreams, and everythin were about him i just couldnt stop it was the most amazing feeling that i would never forget Never in my life did i ever write a letter to a guy expressing my feelings but i felt like if i had to do it i thought that if i let him know how i felt that he would probably start talking to me so I did I will never forget da words and da feeling and the thought that i put into it i asked my friends for advice and they told me that it was good to give it to him so since i was to scared i gave my friend the letter for her to give it to him so she did he opened it and read it I mean he showed no feeling or expression i dont even think he cared the most minimum well still like that my feeling were still the same all i wanted to know is what he felt i cant believe that i was so stupid to ever think that i had a chance with him i made myself believe something that was never going to happen after all the times i tried to talk to him he always ignored me so ijust gave up i met this boy so i decided to give him a chance i mean he was the best that has ever happened to me i tried giving him the love he gave me but i couldnt we went out for like a month then i realized that i was just playin with his feelings so i broke up with him i just wish that i could of had given him the love he deserved.. well anyways i tried talkin to him once more and he ignored me once again i was hearbroken it hurts to know that the person who means the world to you doesnt feel the same way about you. i just dont know why i cant get over him i just feel that without him my life wont be like i always dreamed. i guess that i will never find true love...


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