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      After Tears


On a stunning winter's night my friend & i decided to go to a night club called Chasers.We however got there like it there & every week end visited the club.He eventually found a girl there which he liked & always been with at the club.She however had friends all the time with her & this specific night ,I've seen the one.I clearly recallsaying to my friend that he should hook us up,then as dusk grow to dawn the night they played a few blues,

I went up to her, asking for a dance & in return on the floor asking her out.

The response was good & started visited her home,school & even going to club together.We were now an item but things went through a tough patch,i fell ill one night & asked her to accompany me home whereby she missed school for that particular day.This resulting in getting her Dad involved from Cape town,he however came right away to get her & took her back to Cape,leaving me all alone.I done my best,everything i could to make things better but the end results were still that they keep her there.My calls weren't reaching her,i was now being lied to about her not being home,"right this was now enough "..The only thing to do was to wait for her call & YES marvelously it came after a few days.She made friends & ended using there phones to get through to me.I sadly seated with my cousins running out of ideas have now been motivated & decided to go & get whats mine & so i did we planned the whole thing about running away & me picking her up at olifants area A mountain place in Grahams Town.We had a devastating drive but eventually picked her up.It hasn't been easy after a few days i did the right thing taking her home & sorting this all out with my mum.This has been emotionally discomforting for the both of us but never the less was a very good quest.........We are now happily married with 2 kids A boy & girl & living happy ever after...So guys fight untill the end... 


Thats my little bit all worth it now when i look back...My motivation to keep fighting...


From Ahmed Ranjoomia

43 Cuckoo street


078 5684213


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