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im alreadu commited almost 3yrs. we had a baby boy but his gone after i gave birth.It so hurt for me coz i brought him in my womb almost 9mnths.i need to accept the reality and i know thats not the end of my beautiful world.Thanks to my fiancy he made me strong and now im moved on already.But i cant imagine for all those things happened to me and for those hard experienced it seems nothing!!!


yes,i luv my fiancy very much!!no doubts!!but why i felt like this?im in luv w/ someone else.i really enjoyed when were together,i want to see him every minute,my days wil be so bad if i cant see him.I really enjoy when ill with him.i missed his hug,kiss and everything!!but he had a wife,,,

time will come i want to let go of him,i tried and tried to erase him in my mind and heart,but y i cant??im started to jealous,i really find a way just to see him.he teach me how to have a self-confidence & be true to my self.He felt me that i am beautiful and nothing to ashame.But still i cant replace him to my fiancy.I know this is a big mistake!but im happy!!!


Now i dont know what to do.All i know was im inluv w/ him and im still in luv w/ my fiancy..



i just wonna say SORRY to my fiancy and i  love you very much!!!

i will try my best to correct everything..


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