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      Love That Can Never Be


I met this guy online. And he was adorable. I know online romance can be hard to believe but i was willing to believe in it.


I'm in a 2 year relationship with my boyfriend and we were having problems. So i thought going online and meeting new people would change things. So i met this guy and he was adorable. He was dating a friend of mine on that online game. I was devastated. I could have him because he was with a friend. So i moved on and looked for another guy. Until to a point, he confessed to me that he was in love with me from the beginning.


I was so happy to know that he was in love with me. Because I really liked him. But our love was forbidden because the girl who he was dating told me not to date him and i can never be with him


We dated online, he hid from others. But now his gone. I never seen him online anymore and i guess thats over and done with.


He left a message for me. He said watch this movie on you tube. I'm wearing green because you told me too. I love you.


When i went to watch he did. He wore green. And he smiled. That was the last time i saw him and spoke to him. I'm hoping he'll come back. I love him


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