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      She will always have my heart


I got to know this girl 2 years ago. She was introduced to me by a common friend. Though at first we never saw each other face to face. We just knew each other through text. But when the moment came for me to finally meet her, i chickened out. And for that I apologized to her and promised to make it up. And so I did. And there came a point where I started to feel something for her. She was single and so was I. I just came from a 5 year relationship prior to that and thought to myself that it is time for me to move on. We never actually dated. Everything happened so fast. But for me it felt like I've known her for quite a long time. And then the day came when I had gathered all the courage I need to ask her to be my girl. And to my surprise, she said yes. All her friend was there to witness that. And that very moment, I felt like the happiest person alive.

We shared a lot in common. For me she was the girl I was willing to give everything. She meant everything to me and I thought that everything was perfect. I loved her and she loved me back. Until one day after our 4th month anniversary, she decided to end everything without giving me any explanation at all. I begged for her to tell me what was wrong. She told me that love was not enough for us to keep the relationship and that everything happened too fast. So I respected her decision. But I thought that was the end of it. But it wasn't.. After months of having no communication she suddenly re-appeared in my life. And that moment I thought that we still had a chance. But I was too stubborn to admit that everything has ended. Then all of a sudden I knew that she got involved with someone else. I cried knowing that I will never get a chance to be with her again. So i decided to be with someone else. But it didn't worked out. Two other girls came into my life (but not at the same time). During those times that I was in a relationship with them, they showed me how much they loved me and how much they valued me. But I never returned the favor. So it just all went to waste. Break up after break up. And I found myself still in love with the other girl. And during my relationships, she was always in the picture. We hang out, we do stuff together and even call each other by our endearment. And up to this point we still see each other. She is single again and so was I. She knows how I feel for her. But sadly, I am just a friend to her.

But even though that is the set up, I got contented. And promised myself that I will not get involve with someone else unless she found someone first. So that in that way I wont end up hurting anybody. But one thing is for sure, I kept my promise to her. And that is to always love her. Ever since, I never broke a single promise to her. And until now I make it a point not to disappoint her. I love her and i will always will.


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