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Since i was in tenth grade, i have liked this one guy named Jake. Not only did i like him, but i had a crush on him. He went to my church. He was ninteen turning twenty and i was fifteen turning sixteen at that time. Somewher in January, we started texting and he admitted that he was very attracted to me and that he had a crush on me. WEll, he was kind of a "player" type of guy who flirts with a lot of the girls, so i didnt give in and i never told him that i believed him. So life went on and we still kept on talking someday. He in two months, he got kind of wierd and stopped talking to me until he messaged me once and said that he still liked me, but i didnt believe him cuz if he did like me, then he would DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

But anyways, he moved to florida and i was still in washington. I cried almost every night longing for him. I have never told him that i liked him back. In fact, i fell in love with him... his eyes, his personality, his face. he's very handsome and looks like one of those armani exchange models. I never let anybody know that i was wanted him and that i loved him, so i kept the pain to myself. three years later, i finally let go of him. I forced myself to stop thinking about him and i let him go. I got accepted to fine arts school in california.

On my first day at school, i saw some of my freinds that i knew were going to go to this college. and out of nowhere, one of my freinds (she did not know anything about Jake) said, "There's this guy looking at us over by the chairs." When i turned around to see who it was, IT WAS JAKE! My smile fainted and i wanted to cry so badly because for three whole years, i forced myself to get over him and there he was again, MORE CHARMING THAN EVER! he took my breath away when i glanced at him. After ten minutes of meeting new people (I didnt come up to him), the teachers, or dance leaders announced who's partning up with who to do a base dance. "Jake Kvalen and Anna sirovana". my partner was the guy i fell in love with.

So we came to practices and every single day, he kept on talking about this one girl that he met. He kept on talking about her and how beautiful she was. and everyday i kept on falling in love with Jake more and more, but he loved this other girl. he even admitted that he was in love with her. he said how fast his heart beat when he's around her. and on our final practice, i couldnt take it anymore. he wouldnt shut up about his girl. so i just ran out and started to cry. the next day was the finale show. So the next day, the whole day i kept on thinking about him and how to drop out of this school that ive always wanted to attend. I just didnt want to feel the same pain again, although the pain i was feeling that day was the worst ive ever felt. It was evening and i had to go to the show. when i got there, Jake kept on trying to get to talk to me, but i kept on pretending i was too busy to talk to him. we were the last to perform and the whole time, i was standing by the curtains and he was standing on the other side. When it was our turn, we danced so amazingly. it was like right from our hearts. the song was called "call me" by QT. and exaclty the last move, Jake took me in his arms and it was something that we never practiced before so i had to make a pose in half a second. and he kissed me in front of 950 people that were watching us.

After the show, he came up to me and said i was that girl that he always talked about and he proposed to me! we have been married for two months now and IM LOVIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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