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      First crush


I am 16 yrs old, u know what they say "sweet 16".

I had never fallen for anyone in my lifetime, my friends always laughed at me saying that how can a girl, never even have a crush on anyone, nor love, relationships or boyfreind at the very least not even a crush. Well that's me.

I never believed in love at first sight. I always wanted to know a person before i would fall for him and one day it happened.

He was nothing extraordinary but he surely is cute. I never spoke to him directly but it seems that like me, even he has never had a crush or anything before.

I have many friends who are boys but not a boyfriend because I never believed in such relationships at this age. I guess i'm a bit too ambitious, though average in studies.

Anyway I still dont know how to be at least friends with him because I know I cannot be the same person as I am with others since I feel different towards him and because of my reputation in school of being a tomboy I dont think I should be the one to start the friendship. Its been about an year, knowing him.

Whatever it is, I will wait for him. Please do pray for me and my future.


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