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      My text mate


It was early in the morning when my friend Chad, forwarded me a cellphone number and then sent me a text message saying, "text that number, let's fool him," Because there was nothing to do, I sent a text message to the number, pretending that I was wrong sent. He immediately replied asking hu u? Because my friend told me to fool him, so I did. At first, he was really so mad at me because he couldn't catch up who I was. But then, I felt pity and told my real name. All I found myself was getting to know him. Then I realized, he is a good one. I've known him 'Rey,' the guy from Pangasinan. Because he is four year older than me and we are both in a relationship, he let me call him 'kuya.' Everyday we exhanging text message, and felt his little sis.


One day, when my boyfriend, Micheal started to keep off from seeing me and avoiding my calls and texts, I used to tell all my heartaches to my kuya. Not knowing that we are both in the same situation. He broke up with his girlfriend, too. Though I never met the guy before, I felt really comfortable  and seems I've known him for so many years. He shared his pain to me also and both understand what we are going through.


After two days, kuya texted me asking how i was, I told I'm quite okay but still bearing the pain. Suddenly, I tried to joke him saying "tayo na lang kaya kasi pareho tayong bigo." Kuya agreed. Thinking that he was just riding my insanity. From then on, we treated each other as text lovers. in fact, we call each other "evol", the shifted word of love. Well, I wasn't seriuos to evol at all. I have a number of txt boyfriends to get interest with. I had hon, sweetie, mahal, especilally my Bonnie, whom I got crazy over with.


For more than a year and a half, evol and I had a stronger relationship and been satisfied through texts and calls, we never hope to meet because of too distant apart.


However, God answer our prayers. After college, I went to Manila and worked as a call center agent and he as a staff in a first-class restaurant.  

I agreed to meet with him for an important purpose. Ask money for everyday neccesities.


Cubao is the place we chose to meet. I wasn't impress when we met. He was just an ordinary guy who didn't passed to my standard. A kind of guy to fool around. If I am running out of money, I used to  text him and asked for some of it .But Evol has so many characteristics that women are looking for. Aside from being so kind, he used to be understanding, hardworking and responsible to anyone.


One day, he asked me for a favor. A favor, in which, I must treasure and shouldn't give it immediately. I was really surprised when evol told me that he is falling inlove with me. "But it was just a game to play, right?" I asked myself. But, I didn't have the chance to resist, all I found myself was giving everything to him.


Since I gave everything, I found myself thinking of him over and over again, until I finally fell in love with him.


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