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      How do i let go


For days i was thinking of a way to come up to him. I did not expect anything i think that at that point all i wanted was to know his name. I did not have to wait long, before i knew it he was the one coming up to me. The feeling was great, for the first time in my life i did not need to fight, for the first time in my life i felt like god was on my side and for the first time in my life i felt like i got everything i wanted. The look he gave me when he asked for my name maybe wasn't special but it made me feel special. We went out a couple of times and we both knew that we were right for each other. I don't think we ever laughed that much about stupid jokes with anyone else and he knew it. He was the one person that could make me smile when i was sad and cry when i was happy. i fell in love and he did too. But our story never really ended not even to this day when everything seems so hopeless and that is one thing that still hurts we cant let go. We were stubborn and we let so many people interfere in what should have been only me and him. We let others make stories that should have been our story. He has another girl now but that look still remains. I see his face when he sees me and i see the pain when we talk its the same pain i have knowing we are not together. Our main problem was picking up the phone neither me nor him were ready to be weak i guess. The memories are once that hurt the most because the time we spent together was priceless. i keep asking myself if i would feel better not having any memories to hurt? I know that "we" are not over because you cant end a relationship not while you both are still in love. my friend told me that whenever she mentions my name you can see his eyes become watery i wonder then when people mention his name can you see the pain in my eyes? I am soon moving to another country and the only thing i can say is that he is the one person that thought me to fight for not only love but everything in life.


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