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      The thing they called 'MU'


   I was a graduating student then when First met this guy.He's new to our place. Our first meeting was a funny thing. He asked for my name but since I'm in hurry going to school then, I just ignored him.

   I was never attracted to him at first. I admit that he's handsome but I like  man with a more brains than face factor. But he never stop from that moment, every  time he had a time asking for my name, he did asking.

   Until my sister notice that guy and try to be cupid for us. He got his number and text him using my cellphone. He also gave my name. And from then we become friends.

   He invited me for a date.We watched movie and dine together. While we are talking about each other he asked me if what would be my reaction if someone who is not intelligent  courted me. I was unspoken then, because I know that he's referring to himself, I just say, ' I don't know, come what may '.

  After that date I started to feel something for him though I tried to  ignore it. But as the goes by i gets deeper and deeper. Until one time, I heard that this guy had already a girlfriend in their province. I asked him about it, and he confirmed it to me.

  After what Ive learned I tried to avoid him but I can't. I think I fall in love with him already, He showered me with gifts, we dated a lot and even telling me those three magical words. the I love you thing.

   It so hard for me because I know what would be the feeling of his girlfriend if he learned about this. And I don't want to be the cause of some body's heart ached. He spent two Christmas and New Year with me.

   My friend urging me to stop this crazy thing. They said I'm just hurting myself in the process. But I can't help it.

   Until I decided to go abroad just to find myself and to forget this man. But still we have a communication.

   As of this moment......I just let  time and fate decide for us. 


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