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It takes me to my post secondary school crave to love moment.....i was just immediately from a break-off with the gal i thought loved me but..????

i joined a university in my country for pre-university course and here comes my sad story.....

there was a gal i began to eye and for the stories case am gonna nickname her Ex. guys believe me Ex seemed so innocent as a cat and surely Ex got so just as would have happened on any other day i began like to chase her.....and as you know first it starts with getting to know one another....then so many stories then litmus test to know whether you a have a thing or two to share.

I tried all my formulaes but couldn't hit the knot.....then employed another but still ?????

So as fate always dictates destiny of everything that ought to be together, it so happened that we were almost finalizing our course' tenure and were to face a CAT (Continous Assessment Test). so CAT came and another and oh God Ex was alloted a seat next to me. so this also gave me a room to show her how much i could turn sideways and check whether she has a thing or two thats giving her any problem in that xam. and of course she could have!!!!and so i could stretch my hands for a pull. this continued in almost all the cats we faced but unluckily in one of them it never succeded.. we got caought and were subjected to expulsion for cheating and we were a kind of wow! we matched after the xams to the examiners office and pleaded out with him together and from thence i got full accessibility to Ex and we began to talk so deeply....i remember and instance she mentioned that "its just because of me that u have got a ZEro in the cat" since our result for the cat i have mentioned was nullified.

Things began to match and after college we could match home together and could talk more to know each other better. and when i saw things rhyming and seeming to be in order i suggested a date wich she never denied. so we started and the first proposed date failed due to some reasons which werent in our hands to control. so we made it another and so did another and another and another.

i proposed to her and told her all that i feel we should become and little did i realize that she was too having a thing or two for me. so we eloped and ringed introduced ourselves to our folks from both sides.

but i got to say that wonder never seem to end, thus bringing a proposal that i was to make it upcountry for my studies and thus this was to bring us shorthly a part to test the strength of our love incase of "true love" so we couldn't refuse cause this was for our futures well being. i had to go but made promises that for my part i fulfilled. we departed one another at the airport eyes filled with tears thinking the 3 years i was to spend upcountry wouldnt lapse....................

one month passed by as i was adjusting and so could make it communication as such.....then in the course of the second month i read a letter from her detailing on the faithfullness of her love to me. i replied back and then we swifted to email which was appropriate....and mark you know it was long ago cell phones werent that much easy to posses and making internatiuonal calls was to cost one a great deal of money. so we did without phones only occassionally.

we maintained communication and even at times before i could get to adjust with the new environment i was subjected to; i could miss dinner and just visit a cyber cafe to write her a line or two....could deny myself fashion dated clothe to send her a greeting card.....and many more in sacrifice to her love.......i maintained my faithfullness and God knows i did.....came across so many gals that loowered me into what could violate the dictates of our love but i was so slippery for their tricks...we tried both sides and just as a sad ending in a movie things began to rot just that very year i was to make it back to see my love.........i send emails.....but where are replies...??? i sent cards......but where are confirmation of the receipt????? i made phone calls but......but all the times she has just left this place......!!!!!!!! my heart began to ache and just kept kept on consoling it....cause where we had come from was all that was a deal.....and not the months that i was remaining with......i tried to maintain communication from side, reasoning that at times its financial breakdown that could have visited EX.....and normally time dont wait for you only to think but moves ahead for you to witness as well......!

my time reached and i was making it to my native country where i was forcussed to find out what happened to my love.....i visited Ex' s Home 4 times and got everybody that knew me before only to be asked me who i was looking for......and when i tried toi explain to them what i gues they couldnt miss about me they admmitted to had known me but that "EX is hiding from me" another instance that "She had left for school". i tried the 5th time and failed then just left a note suggesting me that she dont need to leave me fly without a wing like that or rather she dont need to let me move without network; she ought to let me know what had happened. nothing came forth from her side...

so i moved a head with that sting in my heart all the time clicking to me that am just but HOPELESS. i convinced myself that i must just move on for the better or the worst..... My holiday period was over and i was to go back for my Masternm degree course where i was and so a i left....but left with her contacts.

when i went back i changed my phone line after receiving advise from a friend to do so, as i had left my upcounty's contacts to her folks....and i did the the name of starting a new life.

and i wonder, if there's a lady reading this story out there: "How do you get the contacts of your exs even if they hid it from you ppple?"

On fine night at around 11.00 pm my phone notified that i got a message. and when i read the message i learned it was from heart did a pata pata and i made a call back just longing to affirm who could be that....i realized that without a mark it was she....and i ended the conversation and excusing myself to call to tomoro. i did call and we chanted alot and here she broke out telling me all sorts of buts and ifs and how her folks interfered with her attempt to make her communications to me...and i was a kind of i gotta listen to her.....i gave her a day or two to ponder on the issue and so did those two days end and i delivered my verdict.....which was a sort of lets forget what has been and think of what will be.....

i decided to try it again and it moved this time round nicely with strong contributions from both ennd and time was running smoothly though was bankrupting me!!!

So please any gal out there just tell me what you pple are bearing in mind when you move in with someone?

Just exactly a year after EX made reappearance things began to scatter and little did i know that i was just grooming someone for somebody....she started by giving rules as to when to call and when not to......and many times she couldnt pick up my phones until latter on falsh me indicating that now she is ready to pick the calls so i ought to call......i was forced to ask onto why things werent so cool the way they had been and i received silence in return......then realized one funny dy that the joint email address apart from hers with which i knew the passwords were having a serious communication with another guy who was also to leave for upcountry for studies and having all the love swearings she is at the same time pouring to me.....i was hurt tail spin and i also assumed a moment of silence.... her call were coming but i everytime i pip on ma cell's screen and see her name appearing i could get hurt even more

she sent so many text urging me to pick up the phone....until i couldnt entertain any more of them....i picked the phone and just ask her if she really believes in God which she never replied and continued to question me on why i asked that quiz.....i just told her that i needed a break to recollect my thoughts atleast to discuss something meaningfull with her...

what followed after a period of two days of silence was this mail:

Thanks for the time we shared together and i appreciate all u sacrifised in the name of its high time to part ways.may good God grant u with awoman who will shower u with lots of love more than i did?i quit

and i also replied with this mail:

I guess always there's a reason for my looking up and always feeling down, thats before my words are true.....but i guess though still not believing that this love was meant to end this way, cause had i known neigh had i waited for this long!. just dont know cause am a sort of floating cause u are always leaving me hanging....u should have said so earlier, u shud have let me know that u are a quitter...! GOOD GOD!

So who is gonna take my place? what's the story anyway? what's the full story? Just can't imagine life without your love but its the truth and i must accept it:I WILL NEVER BE WITH YOU, that's if you meant every single word in the short note u sent me. Well i loved you the way i was created a man to love, but maybe it wasn't enough. I dont wanna play so unjust cause always its not my right to be happy and others to feel sad,really if i wasn't making u happy then just seek your happiness where you feel it could be, but always its my pleasure to hear from you someday that you are happy. I'll collect the broken pieces of my heart, and try to bring them together if at all i will manage. I now know that nothing last forever and always i'll consider the days we had shared together as the best moments of my life hitherto.

All the best Mackline and i just need a simple favour from you if u still may be having the heart to favour me, Promise me that when the sun will be shining brightly for you and all sorts of those guys are hanging around by you,you will give me a shot(i Mean some time and we even talk about how we have been fairing as friends.) thats all i need from you.

Thanks too I believe destiny is out of my control and my fate is in God's Hands.


I am begging all the heartbroken guys who are out there to take heart there's no end......since "Man Must Live"

And all the gals who are reading this story; "Do you have anything to share with me? if yes reach me out on

Be Blessed.


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