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      Young Love


Just a story which I would like to share with everyone.

I am eleven years old, turning twelve and I have a boyfriend who is the same age as me (my classmate). In fact, his birthday is just two days after mine.

We first met in P3 when we were 9 years old. That time, by a coincidence, our teacher had put us together to write a composition as I was a good write but he was not. He is good in Maths and Science, but I am good in Chinese and English. Obviously, the whole thing turned out to be a disaster as he made a mess out of the whole thing and got punished, etc.

Nevertheless, the following year, when we were in P4, we were put in the same team for robotics. That was another disaster. So, obviously, our relationship was not love at first sight.

In P5, we started to fall for each other. It all happened one fine afternoon in school.

Me: Take my e-dictionary and open it.

Him: Why?

Me: Just open it.

Him: Ok lah. Then what?

Me: Check my personal dictionary that can store definitions of words which I create myself.

Him: Then?

I blushed, not answering. As I was so afraid of being rejected, I even asked the dictionary back from him. Finally, I plucked up my courage and lent him my dictionary again and told him to check for the definition of himself. Under his name, he saw the words "secret crush". He understood. After school, he told me that he kind of liked me too.

Unfortunately, as both of us are honour roll, top pupils every year, we cannot do anything too much as our parents are very conservative and will definitely be furious if they find out about us.

Now, we have started holding hands. Most of my other good friends have sensed that something is going on and have said a lot of things about it. One of my friends has been telling me that I should not do that as we are too young.

I am worried too, as although everything between us is almost perfect, our parents, teachers and friends would most certainly disapprove of us being together at such a young age. Furthermore, we are both graduating this year and are going to separate secondary schools, which means that we will only be seeing each other after four years when we are in junior college.

P.S. I hope that all of you, the readers can leave some comments about what I should do, just let us be friends or still continue being bf ang gf and wait for four more years to be together again. I am really confused as I am not sure if that is puppy love or serious relationship. Please do not comment that first love is something that you will never forget as I really hope that he will be my first and last bf.


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