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When i was in first year high school, I got attractred to my science teacher but eventually he didn't became my adviser. I really loved to be in his class beacuse he has really a pleasing personality. Luckily, when I reached fourth year high school, he beacme my PHYSICS TEACHER. I was really happy for taht beacuse that was what I asked for. Time went by when we beacme very close to each other that it even gave me the reason to fall in loven with him. We text each other every day (simple greetings like HI,HELLO,GUD PM,GUD AM) brighten up my day. That time, my day wouldn't be complete without receing any txts from him. There was a atime when he told me taht he's going to court me when I reach 18. When I graduated in high school, our bond beacme stronger and we're already very open to each other. There he started courting me in an inirect manner. HE began kissing me, holding my hands and putting his hand on my waist. I don't know what to do! ahahahah..

and now, everything falls on its placxe.


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