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You know how you can feel so inlove at one moment and all that can change drastically in the next second...? Yah well, that happened to me. I was so convinced that i loved this one guy when really i was so clueless of the real guy that i love presence. I have a boyfriend i've been dating him for a month and a half, but we've been friends for around 2 years now. He is sweet, sensitive and caring and most of all he waited for me. He told me that he's been waiting for me for almost as long as he's known me. And i think thats what i need a guy who can wait for me... he is amazing in everyways. What im mainly concerned about in our relationship is we havent been open with it. We've only told a couple people, not all our friends. I'm to afraid, because my best friend in the whole wide world hates him. And i dont know if he can accept that i'm in love with him. Probably because we're exs...and he was the last guy that i've fallen head over heels in love with. And i dont think he understood how much i loved him, and i dont think he can accept the fact that i've found someone else now. So im completely clueless on what to do, because he's realized that i'm keeping something from him. So now hes getting really mad at me because of it. Usually i dont keep anything from him, thats why hes getting so annoyed. We never keep things from each other, so i bet he's getting worried. I just don't know what to do anymore...


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