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      To Love Again


She was a very odd girl. She was always by herself whether it was at lunch, between classes, and even in the bathroom. It was as if she was trying to avoid everyone else in the school. Nobody noticed this, though. People only noticed how beautiful she was. Everything about her was perfect. Her skin was flawless. Her black hair glowed like the moon`s reflection in a still pond at night. Her eyes were black and as gentle as a calm breeze. Her nose was petite. Her body was slender. And the fact that she was hiding all of this made her a very odd girl.

One day at lunch I decided to introduce myself to her.She was sitting by herself and eating a sandwich that she brought from home. I sat on the opposite side of where she was sitting and then proceeded to talk. But before I could she walked away.

From that day on I kept on bothering her. For two weeks she did not give me a response. But then one day she finally said something. I believe her words were "go away." I told her that I couldn`t stop bothering her because she was too beautiful. She walked away after I was done speaking. She had walked away from me many times before, but this time I saw her blush.

In the following weeks, we bonded. This bond eventually led to a relationship. This relationship led her to tell me everything about her. One of these thing was the reason for her oddness. And this reason was that she was raped.

She told me that because of her rape, she thought that she could never trust anyone again. But the odd thing was that she not only trusted me but also loved me. It was as if I taught her how to love again


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