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      The Way That I Loved You :[


im not sure if this is a love story or a heart break one but oh well :[ i put it in here...

well i know this guy we knew each other since 4th he was in 5th. we met in the wierd way. i live in a traylor park and when i saw him and his group of friends i thought they were ''bad people'' but we started to talk to each other :|

after a while i started to get feelings for him. my friends said he had feelings for me too :] i didnt believe them who will like ''the fat little girl'' ANYWAYS...but we nether showed we like each other...he then went out with my friend and he stopped talking to me...i was heart broken <\3 but they broke up we started to be friends again :] later he moves to texas we have little contact with each other :[ but i always thought about him...

he moves back :] im so happy but tring not to show it...of course the time he was moved away i changed i wasnt the ''fat little girl'' anymore i was skinny...later on he asked me out :] but were young im in 7th hes in 8th were young and im sure we wont last togather forever :[

I LOVE YOU RANDY!!!!!!!!!!!


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