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      Tears can keep the love stronger...


it started October 2006. i was a working student in a particular school. in the office where i was assigned i have a partner named reymon. at first i didn't like him because he look like an addict. he has a long hair and a long beard. but unexpectedly we became close after 2 months being partners in our work. he teaches me everything he know about computers because I'm still don't have knowledge about computers and he also give me some advices in life. One day i realized that we really get closer to each other. It came in the point that he will not go home if i will not go home also. we eat lunch and dinner together and watch movies in the office together until 9 o'clock in the evening. i called him kUYa because he is older than me about 7 years. One morning i arrived in the office early than him, then when he arrived i was shocked in what he did because he kissed me on the check while saying "Good Morning GANG". From that day every morning when he arrived in the office, he will do the same thing and i did not got shock anymore. Months and Days past, we treated each other as brother and sister. We share our life with each other and our different vices in life. He shared about his fiancee and i also shared about my 4 year boyfriend. We really enjoy each others company even in a little bonding. So we became best friend as well as a sort of brother and sister.

One year later i was re assigned in the office of vice president for academic affairs so of course we part ways because he was also re assigned in another office. we communicate each other through our mobile phones and sometimes we will met our way in our school but i don't know what happened why it seems that he didn't notice me. But still we are friends. And still we are helping each other if one of us have a problem.

During that re assignment of duties i realized that I Love Him more than a best friend and a brother, so i broke up with my 4 year bf. I know he didn't love me because he has a fiancee  but still i keep loving him in secret.

Months past by. It was November 22 evening. He saw me in the room of our co working student while drinking alcoholic beverage, what he did was he get the glass from my hand and told me to go home. I obey him because secretly i love him. When i arrived home he texted me asking if what is my problem. I replayed that i have no problem. I was shock of his reply because he asked me if "GANG haven't you feel that we have the same feeling?". I didn't reply anymore because i know he was also drunk that time. He keep on calling that night but i ignored my cellphone because i thought it was a joke. But ......

November 23 dawn,

He asked me again what he asked last November 22 evening. I answered honestly. I accept that i love him and i missed our bonding. And he thanks me for accepting it.

November 23 evening

Iwas in the room of my working friend also. The room of friend is beside of the room of reymon. I did not expect that he will come that early evening in his room. I think he heard my voice because of course his room and the room of my friend are just nearer to each other. He texted me that he want me to went to his room. I went also. When i open the door of his room, i was shock because he hold my hand, he look unto my eyes and then after that he hug me without saying anything. I also hugged him because i really missed him, and that time my tears fell from my eyes. He kissed me on my lips and hugged me again. After the hugging of 40 minutes without any words uttered i left in his room. And we are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet.

November 24.

Our advise invited me and reymon to come with them in the beach. We as working cannot refuse so we come with them. In the beach reymon keep on looking at me. In that beach we talked almost everything, about his plan to enter the seminary and about her fiancee. Even i got hurt i did not show it.

November 24 evening

When we go home from the beach he told me to drop by in his room to change my clothes because it's wet, i did not bring extra kasi. Unluckily  i was so tired that time so while resting in his room i got asleep. I woke up around 11 pm then there we  talked. There he became my boyfriend but we have an agreement that we will just try it one moth and that no one would know about it and i agreed

December 20. It's his birthday

I broke with him because that's what he want and also it is my decision because of his fiancee. I go to Cagayan and Davao for my dialysis. When i come we have no communication for almost two weeks but i saw him in school. Until one night he texted me. It is where we begun close again and he became my boyfriend again.


Even if he say always that he loves me, still i have lot of pains because of his fiancee. Time come he told me that he and his fiancee is over. and he says that he hill hope that di na ako mawawala sa kanya.

We are from each other now because he is woking but i always txted him that i love him and he also keep on calling me saying to take care and that he love me.

I hope over will not come to us because i I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.


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