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      The season to come


I recently have seen the light, but I am scared to let go of the dark. The light is bright and looks promising. But this darkness that I hold use to be the same way, years ago. I had the love of someone that not only loved me, but loved my soul. He was my heart. The reason blood pumped throw my veins. He took care of my soul and heart and I took care of his worries and fears. I love him so much that I did not have any love left to love my myself. It was okay though because I had his love there to carry me. Till one day the judge said ( double life without parole) for a crime that he did not comment.

It has been seven years now. And I can stop loving him. He tells me all the time to go on and enjoy my life. But, how can I do that with out a soul or a heart. Don't get me wrong I have tried. It's seem as thou if you've already had real love before in your life that an imitation just won't do.

I am a very beautiful women inside and out. I have met a lot of people that have tried, but the difference is that a lot of people don't understand that love is love, there are no imitations or runner ups. Either it's there or it's not. You don't work on falling in love. You work on making new levels of love that you didn't know existed. You create an unbreakable wall and every day add another, stronger layer.

I believe that one day the light before me will be real. And will never fade into darkness on me. Some people say that it's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I beg to differ, because if you love, it will never be lost. Will you hold on?, Will you let go?

I see a lot of people nowadays that let their pride get in the way and spend the rest of their life regretting it. I can't let go of my heart and soul, but I can't go on without out it either.

Dark does not mean bad, bright does not mean good. It just means that it's you that has to dig the root of your own grass to see if you already have to best soil.

Your grass can get greener, because sometimes tears are just to keep the soil moist, for the season to come.



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