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      Thank You for Your Forgiveness


This happen in the fifth grade. In this story it's not me who'll get rejected though.

Our teacher rearranged our chairs and I ended up sitting next to this guy. We weren't really close more of acquaintances than friends, but we eventually became friends.

I remembered on valentines day he even gave me a gift. I was touched he was so nice to me. A few days later our classmates started thinking that we were dating. I tried to talk to them at first. I kept telling them that we don't have a relationship and I don't even have a crush on him but they still won't stop bothering us.

I think that was the right time to take drastic measures. He didn't do anything about this problem but I did. I began ignoring him treating him as an enemy. As soon as I started doing that he looked really sad and he keeps writing down how miserable he is and his feelings.

I pitied him and I regret all the things I had done to him. It seems like I really broke his heart. One day I started making friends with him again. I just ignore my classmates. We both know the truth.

some time later...

It was the last year of grade school and we were still friends. I'll be transferring to another school (one of the best schools in the country actually) . It was strange that he kept asking me about the crushes I had. Maybe he really does like me. I'm really happy that we became friends and I'll never forget him.


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