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      I miss you and want omeone to love me.


i once had a love story when i was twelve.i live in Australia and i once had a love story. one night i was laying in bed and i got these text messages and they said i really like you and asked if i was Anna and i replied no. he asked me my name and i said Maddi i asked him his Jake. i told him that i lived in cairns. he said that he lived in new castle two states away . I said that he has the wrong number. he said yeah but wanted to no more about me. he asked to send him a picture of me and he would do the same.We started to talk about everything school what we where doing love all that sort of stuff.


Then after time we would call each other every night. We where in love. It didn't matter if we lived in separate parts of Australia. we got to the point that he saved up some money and was going to come see me on summer brake. and we where only 13. But one day at school someone stole my phone and that was mainly the only thing which i could contact Jake with and that was the end of us i never heard from him again. then when i turnt 14 recently i started to think that my life was Nealy over because i hadn't fallen in love again and all of my friends had boyfriends sure boys liked me but they where disgusting they talk about stuff that you shouldn't talk about when your around girls like sex and stuff. Then one night i had the best dream ever.


I dreamt that i had met someone and we had fallen in love and his name was Ben and he is new in town i had those dreams for the next few weeks. Wired hay but i was insanely happy. But when they stopped i couldn't stop thinking about being heart broken and i still am. so I'm trying to find that person who will love me. BY MADDI CAIRNS AUSTRALIA 0422015829. the 14 year old by. 


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