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      Happy ending?


It was around 7 years ago and i can still remember it like it was just yesterday.


I had just got back from the city and i was waiting for the bus to come. The time was round 8:30pm and it was getting dark. Thirty minutes went by and the bus hadn't came yet.


My house was about half a mile and would of taken a long time to get home. I decided i would start walking. It was also raining at the time and it was very cold. I did not have a jacket and the wind was heavy.


When i was walking one of my high school friends had been driving by and he decided to give me a lift to were i wanted to be. I agreed and so off we went.


When i got into his car we were talking about a lot of stuff about how school was going, family and just stuff in general. Before he drop-ed me off he out-of-no-were suddenly asked me if i was single or taken. This sounder very OUT THERE and very sudden. I did not answer tho i gave him a smile and waved to him as he went.


Two days had passed and while i was it was Lunch time I spotted him and he has also spotted me. He came up to me and we where talking about stuff in General. We agreed to meet at the same spot after school and so we did. He offered to drop me off again and i agreed.


Weeks went by and we became very very close friends. One afternoon we where just passing time when he asked me to be his boyfriend. I hesitated for about 5 or so seconds and then he lent over and gave me a kiss. I kissed him back and i felt a very sharp/strong connection between us.


Until this day we are now happily married and are expecting a baby in 3 months.


I love you Raymond. XoXo


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